Focus switches to Desktop in folder panel post search

On DOpus 13 focus switches from the target folder in the left panel to Desktop post search. Is this the intended behavior?

I've unchecked Automatically expand to current folder earlier, did not care for that.

Doesn't sound intentional.

What are the steps to reproduce it? Which kind of search are you doing, from where?

I have folders in favorites.

  1. I select Folder1 from favorites, blue background appears.
  2. I do a Windows search in the search bar
  3. Results appear and gray background on Desktop no background on Folder1

Works the same on multiple folders.

EDIT: If I expand Desktop This PC gets highlighted as opposed to Desktop.

EDIT 2: If i hide Desktop from the folder panel things work as expected. Folder 1 goes from blue background to grey background.

Could you post a few screenshots to illustrate the issue please?

Expectation would be the third, greyed folder post search with or without Desktop in the tree.

The search results go under the folder's real path in the tree (not the favorites branch).

Presumably the tree is configured not to expand to the current path, so when Opus switches to the search results it'll just be selecting the path up to the point the tree displays it (so Desktop/ThisPC, which is as deep as the path to the search results goes in the tree unless ThisPC is expanded).

Locking the folder tree so it doesn't follow folder changes is one option. (Turn on Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance / Show lock button to be able to do so, then click the lock above the tree.)

Yup. That solved it. I may stick with Desktop out of the tree. This exercise has shows how little I use it, easily replaced by adding C and D drive shortcuts. I deleted the images. Thanks for clearing it up.