Folder alias for Collections root

Is it possible to make a folder alias for the root of File Collections?

coll:// is the path, and should work via an alias.

that works, thanks ! when I copied the path to the clipboard it had a triple /// which did not work

Where was it copied from?

I have a clipboard function button
Clipboard SET {sourcepath}

This works slightly better (from the default menus, Edit > Copy Other > Folder Path):

Clipboard SET {sourcepath$|noterm}

In the next update, we've also fixed {sourcepath} without noterm so it doesn't add the extra backslash when in the coll:// root.

Using {sourcepath$|noterm} (as above) will still work better in general, unless you want the extra slash in the clipboard for normal paths.

(noterm is the important part here. The $ isn't required, but is also a good idea. It means the button won't run if there isn't a sourcepath at all. e.g. When run via a floating toolbar or system-wide hotkey with no lister open.)