Folder Backup Button

I need a button to make backup, for example:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\CLIPART


K:\Cop\Backup 20151215.064137 C_Program Files (x86)_Microsoft Office_CLIPART

Copy CREATEFOLDER "K:\Cop\Backup {date|yyyyMMdd}.{time|hhmmss} {filepath$|..|noroot|noterm}

only create this folder:

K:\Cop\Backup 20151215.064024 Backup 20151224.035307 Program Files (x86)

I need help. Thanks.


@nofilenamequoting Copy "{filepath$}" TO "K:\Cop" CREATEFOLDER "Backup {date|yyyyMMdd}.{time|hhmmss} {filepath$|subdir}"

when in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office
with CLIPART selected,
would copy the selected CLIPART folder
to K:\Cop\Backup 20151215.064024 C;\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office

(Note the ; is not a : in the last part of the name.)

You'd still get sub-folders at the end:

[ul][li]Backup 20151215.064024 C;
[ul][li]Program Files (x86)
[ul][li]Microsoft Office[/li][/ul][/li][/ul][/li][/ul][/li][/ul][/li][/ul]

If you don't want them and need to replace \ with _ in the last part of the name, you would need to use some script code, because the basic {filepath$|subdir} style codes don't have that provision.