Folder Colors : bug or not?

i need to know if there is a bug.
in Preferences/Favorites & Recent/Folder Colors i have problem to select my folder, selection depend of mouve over.
if i clic folder name, nothing happen (folder are deselected if i move mouse over another folder), i can use ctrl or shift for multi selection (i don't know if it's possible).
if i want to delete folder, i need to move mouse over folder and use hotkey or move mouse horizontaly to the right/left and clic on delete button.

PS using win2000

I don't get the same behaviour here (on an XP machine). The list of folders acts normally and I have to click on things (not just hover over them) to select them.

I tried turning on single-click (point to select) mode in Opus in case that made a difference (which would be strange) but it didn't.

If it happened in more than one place then I'd say it was probably your mouse drivers doing something strange but if it only happens in that list then I can't think what the cause could be.

thanks nudel, i report a bug
it happen only in this list, i think it a w2000 bug (i report another one last week about some combobox in w2000: see capture)