Folder Colors fail upon file delete/file recovery

The folder colors / styles set within the Favorites/Recent section on options works fine until I delete a file within that colored folder. It then reverts back to the default color and style style.

Recovering the file also has the same effect once I set it back to the color I originally wanted.

I have tested this and can repeat the problem.

Could you list the steps to reproduce this? I tried but didn't see a problem here so I must have done something different.

see the attached file for a pic of the setup.
Notice the BOLD, ITALIC, and UNDERLINE are selected for the color in question.... in this case green.

Beneath is the folder I wish to apply the color to .... C:/Install

Upon applying the options, the folder responds as it should.

Navigating to the folder C:\Install and then deleting a file there removes the color setting and it returns to the default/the way it was before.

I have to reapply the setting in options to turn it on again.

Recovering a file to the folder has the same effect.

Here's a Flash (SWF) video showing what happens for me:

Anything that you notice that I'm doing differently that might be why it works for me but not for you?

yes, I think I see now.

As I review my screen, the color only reverts in the TREE display on the left (explorer default style).

The actual listing of folders on drive C still shows the color of green.

Just the tree is affected, I think.

Confirmed (Folder Tree). I've filed a bug report.

Fixed in Opus

Full list of changes here: [Directory Opus