Folder Content Type

I'm new to DOpus, so forgive me if this is too easy a question. I've been fiddling with things for a while and can't seem to get what I'm looking for.

I want every folder that I open in DOpus to display in a certain view mode (specifically, details) with certain columns displayed in a certain order UNLESS I choose a folder content type for that specific folder (then, of course, I'd want the content type's specific view options to take effect). If I do choose a specific content type for a particular folder, I'd like it to stay that way every time I open the folder. If I've never chosen a content type, I want the folder to be displayed with my "generic" options.

Since I do want to use content types for some folders, I can't disable Folder Content Type Detection, but I also don't want DOpus to automatically detect content type. I want to do that manually for each individual folder that I want it for, and then I want it to stick.

Hope I'm not being to confusing with my wording here, and thanks again for your patience with a newbie.


You can't have selective Content Type. It applies to the whole system. Content type detection will look at the files in the folder and then decide on the display formats etc according to the file content types you have defined.

But, you can define the display for any specific folder from Folder Options if you wish.

Turn off Automatic Content Type detection then set the Folder Options for the default format(s) for what you want generaly and then any specific folders (say mypictures to thumbnails etc). If you wish to change content type quickly you can do this from the popdown menu in the status bar or a custom button.

Sounds like it would be a nice feature though - to be able to associate a specific folders display by referencing any of the saved folder formats (including those set for each content type)...

This way when you have particular folders that you want to 'share' a common set of display settings, you could assign the same saved folder format to each of them without having to manually define the same columns, sorting, and etc etc over and over to each folder:

Hi Steje !

Yeah, you're right.
I'm wondering though what version of Dopus your screen shot came from?
Are you now a beta tester or is the dialog at the top of the window something you conjured up ?

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Hey Porc!

Nah... Greg 'filed me appropriately' for beta testing (LOL Greg), and you and JohnZ are the photo nuts :slight_smile:... It's just me and a few seconds in MS Paint.


Thanks for the input. I figured out another workaround, too. Before I saw your message I decided that since I did like the layout that was used, for example, by the Music content type, rather than recreating those settings for each music folder I had on my drive, I would just keep the content type detection on, and bump up all the thresholds for my content types to 100%. That way, if there was a folder on my drive that had, for example, a bunch of picture files, but I didn't want it displayed as a "picture" folder, it wouldn't be, since not 100% of the files were pictures. It would also assure that all my folders would default to my Custom settings, since I didn't happen to have any folders that were 100% of one content type or another. But I could still have my folders take on the content type specific looks, because I could choose the content type from a drop-down box, then save the settings for that folder.

Works great! Thanks again!


You can also Copy settings from one format and Paste them over another format by right-clicking the items in Preferences, Folders, Folder Formats, although in this case it's easier to do what you're already doing. Just thought I'd mention it. :slight_smile: