Folder context menu "Ubuntu terminal here" option?

I regularly use Ubuntu terminals running on Windows 10.
How can I set up the lister context menu so it has a "Ubuntu Terminal here" option like the PowerShell and Command Prompt ones please? I found how to use wsl using the CLI DOSPROMPT but nothing for ubuntu.
Many thanks

The WSL option you found is what you usually want. Or do you have multiple distros installed and find it's selecting the wrong one?

Hi Leo,
Thanks for the quick reply.
Sorry, my post wasn't very clear. WSL works, it runs a linux/bash shell. I just would have preferred to not have my linux session running within a cmd prompt. I prefer to have Ubuntu sessions running, because I do have to switch between linux and dos, and having them in separate terminals makes it clear which flavour I'm in. Especially when I select a session from the taskbar - Ubuntu and Cmd have different icons.

I'm not familiar with the differences between the two, but you can edit the context menus in Opus to run anything really, so if you find the command to open the Ubuntu terminal window the way you want it, you can add that to the menu.

Then menu when right-clicking folders can be edited via Settings > File Types > All Folders.

The menu when right-clicking the background of the file display can be edited via Settings > Customize Toolbars > Context Menus > Lister Context.