Folder disappears when renaming (change letter case) (v12.29.2 x64)

To reproduce:
create folder named "afoo", then change the name to "aFoo".
The file disappears (a refresh will make it visible).

It seems to not happen every time, but most of the time.
The partition is formatted NTFS.

Also if I change the case of a letter in a filename, the rename works, but you can't see it until you refresh.

Is this a local hard drive or some sort of NAS?

They are internal SATA hard drives (it happens on both of them).
I can't get the bug to trigger on my C:\ drive (internal SSD).
I just tried creating and renaming 6 dirs and none of them triggered the bug, then I created an empty text file "NEW.txt" in the same dir and the next dir rename triggered the bug -- I don't know that creating the text file had something to do with it, but that's the second time I tried to trigger it over and over, and it wouldn't trigger until I created the a text file.

If you open File Explorer for the folder, then make the change using Opus, does the File Explorer window see the change correctly when Opus doesn’t, or does something similar happen there?

Also, are you using Kaspersky antivirus? (Some versions of it are known to break rename notifications in apps it doesn’t exclude.)

Changes made in Opus are shown correctly in Explorer.
I don't have Kaspersky.

Thanks for checking that.

Could you generate the debug log mentioned in Changes to folders are not being detected and see which events it is reporting when the files are renamed (when it goes wrong)?

(May also be worth checking the other things in the same post in case any apply.)