Folder display and sort issues

I am having problems with folders not remembering their sort order automatically for folder and all subfolders.
I want Opus to remember the last sorting that was performed instead of switching the sorting patter every time. For example, if my sort was by size and then I changed it by modification date, I want the last sort to stick until i change it again. Currently, the sort orders are not remembered.
Next, I can't make Opus to remember the last directory opened. Every time I reopen it, it defaults back to something else I don't need. Not sure how to fix it.

Ia there a way to disable auto-sizing the columns for all drives/folders? I need to be able to set the custom size of folders by dragging the column, and this size should stick. Unfortunately, it gets reset.
In other words, how can I change the behavior that the settings I appy will be applied permanently on all drives, folders and subfolders?