Folder display bug (again)

I have searched the forum and found several references to a problem similar to the one I am about to describe, whereby the folder tree pane does not match the folder contents pane as displayed on the right. Is this bug ever going to get fixed? This is fundamental file explorer behaviour I am talking about here, and in my opinion this bug is quite inexcusable and very irritating.

As shown below, I have added 5 folders to "Downloads" , but they are not displayed in the folder tree:

If I refresh the display (F5) they match up:

If I then delete them, once again there is a mismatch:

Is DO getting so bloated that it cannot manage to display correct data?

Forgot to mention that this is version on Windows 8.1.

If you quit Opus completely and re-run it, does the problem still occur?

Yes. Restarting has no effect, nor does rebooting the computer.

Please try the suggestions in the Changes to folders are not being detected FAQ, and let us know your findings.

I have worked through the relevant suggestions as follows:

Exiting and restarting Opus has no effect.
The preferences no_external_change_notify is set to False as expected.
Windows Explorer is able to see changes on the same drive when making changes using Directory Opus.

I have some new information, however, that is highly relevant.

This problem only seems to effect Library folders, such as Downloads, Documents, etc. and even then, ONLY when selected from their actual location - i.e. in my example screen shots above, when the Folder Tree has "E:\Downloads" selected. If instead you select the "Downloads" folder displayed under "This PC" (at which point the file display window is titled "Downloads" rather than "E:\Downloads") the problem does not occur.

Furthermore, if you remove the display of Library folders from "This PC" as described here: ... ndows-8.1/

...then the problem also disappears.

What does the DebugView output show?

Two files attached.

The first is with the problem manifested.
The second is after the registry hack to remove display of Library folders and therefore no problem manifested. It shows additional notifications.
Added 3 folders (2).txt (12.2 KB)
Added 3 folders (1).txt (10.9 KB)

With both logs, did you do the same actions?

One log seems to show "aaa" being created, while the other shows "aaa", "bbb" and "ccc" being created.

(The other output in the logs is just reactions to Opus and other programs updating their config files around the same time, unless I've missed some extra output.)

By the way, have you diverted some of your user profile folders to your E:\ drive from their default locations? That may be relevant to tracking down what's happening.

The registry settings are interesting as well, and should help. Well noticed.

Yes, I did the same actions.

Indeed, I have moved all my user profile folders away from the C: drive and onto the E: drive.

I have been doing this for years, so that I can image backup the C: drive and restore it without losing user data.

I've only noticed this bug (I think) since I moved to Windows 8.

Thanks for the extra info.

We've put this into our queue to see if we can reproduce & fix it. Looks like we'll need to use a VM to recreate your setup, and hopefully then we'll see the same thing.

I'm on win7 and had it happen also, all the time. It started when I installed Dopus 11 beta.
I ended up deleting Opus 11 and reinstalled it. Since then, I'm not showing libraries in the tree now (I was before I uninstalled) and haven't been seeing this problem. Also, all (well, most) of my user-data is on drives other than C:

Ah, actually, I AM showing libraries, but they're under /Desktop now, where they weren't before.