Folder expansion: Perma-hide "expand button" and other ways to control it

Great that the folder expansion feature is here, one big thing I was missing from the Mac's file managers, but I'd like to better control its visual aspects not to interfere with my layouts.

Currently there is an option to hide "expand button" until the folder is expanded, but I'd like to improve it in a few ways:

  1. If you expand/collapse a folder, the extra column with expand buttons doesn't disappear. It should.

  2. Have an option to permanently hide the button, indentation is enough for me to visually signal that a folder is expanded

  3. (in case #2 is maybe not enough) Have an option to place the expanded arrow-down icon not in a separate column, thus shifting my layout, but as an overlay somewhere, for example, on top of the folder Icon (or just allow an expanded folder have a different icon)

What if the folder is empty? You couldn’t see if it was empty or just not currently expanded.

Seems worth a few pixels to have this information visible, IMO.

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Currently empty folders also have an expandable arrow icon, so it doesn't serve any purpose for such cases

Also, I can, that's why your app has those awesome Files (total) columns! :slight_smile:

Not if I can get the same information without wasting those pixels (as you could do in point 3)
You could also allow users to apply other styles to folders to see this expandable status (or maybe it's already possible to mark empty folders).

Just like I have a corner arrow and color for links, which never failed me in helping differentiation, I could have a "expandable" corner icon and maybe some color change for folders

You could also add that info to the end of a folder name since most of the time it's just empty space (and if the expandable status is important, you wouldn't mind losing a few pixels from long names). That would even be similar to those drop-down lists that usually have an arrow at the end, so have some UI commonality (like your bread-crumb path toolbar)