Folder & File Icons Misplaced In Flat View

as seen in the image, on the left, with flat view on, the folder and file icons are to the left of the folder and file names(normal behaviour). this is with the view set to details
on the right, with flat view on, the folder and file icons are to the right of the folder and file names. the view in this case is details + thumbnails.

In the second image, the thumbnail column is an actual column that you can position wherever you want. So just drag it to the left to put it in front of the filename.

thank you for the tip Jon. i've tried moving the column to the very left but the thumbnail column doesn't remember its position should you exit flat view as it resets to the right of the file and folder names when you reenable flat view.

Go to Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats and edit the Flat View format to make the change permanent.

thanks you. i now understand why you have it to the right, having the thumbnails to the left would interfere with the tree like structure when flat view - grouped is enabled. nice.

If you wish, you can turn off Preferences / File Display Modes / Details / Hide icons when thumbnail column is visible so you get both icons and thumbnails at once.

wow! you really think things through with Dopus, beautiful. really need to properly go through the settings as i'm missing out on a bunch of stuff.