Folder & File Size

Is there a setting for file size units that has byte count as an option - i.e. 894,976 rather than 874KB etc I found Miscellaneous->Advanced->file_size_units but ...

I have the Folders->Folder Behaviour->Calculate folder sizes automatically for ... checkbox unchecked - see image below

Yet as can be seen I still get folder sizes being shown, except for the folders that "Microsoft thinks it owns"
I thought it was just Drive C, but I just noticed some other folders on other drives are showing sizes, but others are not
Are there other settings I need to set
I don't want any folders on any drives to show anything in the size column.
There are too many exceptions - hidden files, alternate data streams, hard & soft links, junctions, mount points etc - all of which I use.

BTW whilst I was looking into this I noticed that I couldn't get a context menu on some hidden system files - eg hiberfil.sys & pagefile.sys, But I could get it on other hidden system files - seemed to depend on whether the archive bit was high ... not important, just inconsistent

Thanks BR

There are separate/alternative Size columns with different units.

You can't get a context menu for those two files because they are always locked against anything else reading them. It's unrelated to the hidden or system attributes.

Makes sense - some folks like to see size of data and disk space used - good thinking.

I did search the CHM and the PDF for 'file size' nothing about different columns came up - I could have missed it.

Can I define my own column - itemCount := fileCount + subfolderCount;

I think the folder sizes displaying because of Edit->Calculate Folder Sizes (ctrl/l), I have not knowingly used it (only just discovered it)
Ctrl/l in my word processors is Left Align, in Firefox its go to Location Bar, in Calibre its Resize cover etc - I changed it to ctrl/alt/numlock.
I have dual monitors and I tend to have multiple windows open on both - but only one keyboard and one pair of hands

I just found the Opus Killer App - Descriptions in ADS's - works on folders too

Maybe you can't but I can - in Explorer and in xplorer2 - see attachment - don't worry about it, I'm not bothered

Thanks BR

"Size (Bytes)" is the column you want.

The only way to define your own columns is to write a shell extension (or get us to add new ones :slight_smile:).

If you're using columns like Sub-Folder Count which force Opus to read all the directory listings below a folder, then the foldersize calculation will be done and displayed as part of the bargain. See this FAQ for more: Calculate Folder Sizes Automatically

Explorer will show a context menu for a completely locked file, but the menu won't let you do very much with the file. (Except maybe run Unlocker, which is a whole separate discussion.)

This is the sort of thing I am seeing - and its 'random'

What is the sort of thing you're seeing? Random in what way?

We're talking about several different things at once in the same thread which isn't easy to follow at the best of times (as per the FAQ) and gets even harder if you're not specific.

sorry I hit Submit

This is the sort of thing I am seeing,

There is no 'logical reason' why the 'Application Data' should have its size displayed and not the Calibre Libraries - sometimes the number will appear when the mouse hovers over the folder,

This is my column set

The FAQ says

[quote]In addition to this, if you have added the Total File Count (AKA Files (total)) column or the Total Sub-Folder Count (AKA Folders (total)) column to your file list then Opus will always calculate folder sizes while calculating the total file/folder counts.

As you can see I am not using Total File and Folder counts

Here are the Folder options

As you can see get folder sizes is off - and I have it off everywhere I think and I disabled ctrl/L

Thanks BR

I think this problem has gone up in smoke - and I've no idea why - I did turn the machine off for a couple of hours

If you hover over a folder (or hold Ctrl down while on a folder in keyboard mode) the default tooltip will trigger a calculation of the folder size.

@jon - I had a suspicion about the hovering mouse - it did not seem to be predictable when it would and when it wouldn't

Did not know about the control - because I'm keyboard centric I often have no idea where the mouse is.
So I have the option CP->Mouse-Pointer Options->last checkbox set to show an animated bullseye when I hit control

I seem to gave found combination of settings that hovering or holding control for 60+ secs on a four file folder shows nothing - which is what I want.

I also disabled the crtl/L hotkey - the Edit->Calculate still functions,buts that's OK, maybe one day I will want it

It was the inconsistent behaviour that was driving me nuts - and it bothers me that I don't really know what I did to make it go away
I suspect it was something to do with Default Layouts and Styles and what happens when DO first starts
That's what I was playing around with before I went out this arvo

I would still prefer a simple overriding global setting - Do not show Size on Folders
If its true then grey all the controls in Folder Options etc, don't do the accumulations and don't do the display.

I've seen no folder sizes for the last several hours - but why not?

Thanks BR