Folder Format; Assigning Image Stretched, Image is stretched into Status Bar

Greetings Gurus, We have a UI issue here. In Folder Format options for images (for the lister background), there are options for Shared, Tiled, center, etc. When the stretched option is chosen the image is resized for the container lister it's within but the bottom of the image is stretched into the status bar (mathematically not visibly, as if it's shared with the status bar) . So you can't see the bottom of the image that's stretched because the bottom of the image is at the base of the status bar behind the status bar image or color. The stretch option should stretch the image within the lister display only not share the stretch with the status bar which has it's own separate image/color properties. Whatever image is chosen to be stretched, it's bottom row of pixels should be visible in the lister (as well as the top row, left column and right column of pixels). It shouldn't leak into other UI elements that have their own color/image assignments.

Also please integrate the Status bar in the interface visually, it looks windows 95ish with that odd white border surrounding it. It looks like it's floating ontop of the Opus UI instead of being embedded in it, very distracting. Ideally it should use the Shadow Color in the Pane Borders option in Other Colors in the Preferences. This would control the color of it's outline and Vertical section dividers for the status bar sections (as it does in the File Headers).

The status bar is drawn using the Windows visual styles, which match the look & feel defined by the version of Windows you're using (unless you've used something like Window Blinds to change the visual style).

Maybe you've forgotten what a Windows 95 status looked like, but it looks nothing like the status bar on Windows 10:


Actually it (status bar) doesen't look bad on Win 10 with a white theme. I use a dark theme on Windows 7 and it looks out of place. Just like you can customize even the scrollbars in Opus user's should be able to customize the Status Bar. Windows inheritance sometimes breaks things (like the white on white scrollbar in Win 10!).