Folder format content detection has stopped working

For some strange reason, Folder format content detection does not work anymore. I have set it up correctly I think, but it will not display folders with images as thumbnails. Not sure why. This did work not long ago.

Any pointers?

What I have tried:

  • I have enabled Folder Content Type detection for all local and network.
  • I have made sure the Images folder format is enabled with Thumbnails as the display mode.
  • I have checked that the Images Format Group includes the type of picture type I have (JPG)
  • I have set the content threshold to 90%. The example/test folder I have is 100% pictures...

Another format may be overriding the content type one. For example, if a format is explicitly saved for the path (or parent), it will get priority over Content Type formats.

Without clicking on anything, hovering the mouse over the format lock icon in the status bar will tell you were the current format came from.

Thanks. The folder format was indeed locked. Not sure why. I have probably clicked on something I should not.

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