Folder format FTP path not displaying toolbar

I'm trying to display a toolbar set when I go into a specific FTP folder.

  1. I went to settings>preferences>folder formats and added a new path format for my ftp site.

  1. Edit format > Options>Toolbar:ftpToolbarSetHere

For some reason the toolbar set doesn't display when I go into my ftp folder. Is this a bug?

It displays correctly if I set the path format locally like: C:\downloads
2. Edit format > Options>Toolbar:example
If I try to load the example toolbar set with an ftp path it won't load.

FTP folder formats need to be created via the Folder Options dialog. (Delete the existing format, then go to the folder in a lister, open Folder > Folder Options and choose Save, for this folder.)

The reason is they also store (hidden) details of the username and other aspects of the connection, not just the path, since you may have multiple bookmarks that use the same FTP path with different usernames and thus getting mapped to unrelated folders on the site when they are connected.

I'm not certain (difficult to check at the moment) but it may also result in the password being stored in the config file (obfuscated, but not too difficult to get at), so if you aren't already storing passwords in your Opus config and want to avoid that, you may want to avoid saving folder formats for them.

An alternative approach could be to have a script add-in which turns the toolbar on and off when changing folders.

That worked thanks! Learned something new.