Folder Format Labels

I've had a great time trimming Label Assignments and controlling more through Folder Formats. Mostly it's about Tab Color and using Labels in Folder Formats using Path Formats so supplement Content Type Formats.

I've had no trouble with Labels except when it comes to a network drive. The labels just don't have an effect. Implementing Label Assignments with Folder Paths works fine but I'm trying to be consistent with the manner of implementing functionality. Anyone else seeing this or just me?

I've tried it with "Use wildcards" checked and unchecked though I'm providing the actual name of the folder. But these troublesome folder names happen to begin with "!".

We need more detail to give advice.

  • What is going wrong exactly?
  • What are the folder paths involved, and the full wildcards that you're using?
  • When you go to a folder that does the wrong thing, what does hovering over the format lock icon show you? (See the folder format FAQ if this doesn't already mean anything to you.)

Also, be sure to try folder format changes in new listers, not ones which were already used before the change was made, to avoid unwanted side-effects from temporary changes. (The FAQ goes into more detail about why that happens, but the main thing is just to close any listers and open new ones when testing changes.)

I'll look into it further.

I did notice that a Path Format (Folder Format) created for C:\Users...\Documents worked but not for lib:Documents. Was wondering if there's any correlation. I'll be back.

Finally had some time to get back to this. I have a network drive \\1Share mapped to R.

As you suggested, I opened other listers instead of just the one with the trouble. I've gone around in circles to much it's hard to tell but it seems to be something specific to my default lister. If I open other listers and click on the existing tab for R or open a new tab and point it to R, things seem to work fine with the labels.

But if I do the same with the default lister and save it, when I reopen it, the labels on the existing R tab are not working and padlock says folder format is Unknown. But if I open a new tab and point it to R, labels are fine. When the labels work as desired, padlock says Folder for path "R:".

I've tried different wildcard strings. The one I'm using now with the behavior above, the filter is "Name match !*" with Use wildcards checked. I've also tried wildcard strings like (!gDrive).

And yes I'm closing listers after making changes to check behavior. I'm going to try to spend some more time on the FAQ but I hope this makes some sense.

Thank you!!!

btw (topic switch) once I addressed paths containing spaces, the relabeling of tabs worked great. no problems since.

Try turning on Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Ignore folder format of Default Lister.

Make sure the format lock is not turned on, too. (Padlock icon in the status bar. It should always be open / unlocked.)

"Ignore folder format of Default Lister" has always been checked (on) and the padlock is kept unlocked.

My brainstorming goes like this.......
I'm just wondering how to stop the confusion causing padlock to say "Unknown" folder format. What's interfering? Why would it know to use "R:" folder format in one lister/tab and not in another? I've done all kinds of things to the primary lister as I've learned DOpus and had no idea what I was doing.

Is this likely some kind of mix up with saved folder formats and/or saved listers? Would it help to "Clear" or "Reset" folder formats? But when using "Clear - For All Folders" or "Reset - Reset to User Default format", that is still only affecting the particular folder format and not clearing ALL types of folder formats everywhere right?

Is it possible to "reset" all folder format links to use my "User Default" format (still have Content Type formats recognized) and then start to customize further (like Path formats) from there? Thoughts?

Are you definitely opening the default lister, not something else (e.g. a layout)?

How are you opening the window?

First, Thank you.

symantics? I run DOpus.exe and most times I double-click the desktop to see the lister. In Prefs, double-click on desktop is set to open the Default Lister. You make me question terminology...not sure what you call a default lister is MY default lister, the one I use most of the time. But the one I call the default lister does not have the name of the lister in the window's title bar. But the listers I have and know about are seen in Prefs - Layouts. I only know about those "saved Lister Layouts".

Is there a default lister, the one you see the very first time running DOpus after the first install, the one with no customizations added to it? I would like to be able to get to that one if possible.

Lister vs Layout? mystery

Certifiably insane? Since I was so clueless when I first got DOpus Jan 2015, I considered getting v12 and building everything from scratch again so I wouldn't have the legacy of things done that may have had unknown and unintended consequences...a fresh start. I didn't do it then but I'm thinking about it again. It would be a sizeable undertaking but perhaps worthwhile. (btw I just uninstalled DOpus and reinstalled without restoring my config and no troubles with folder format for R...labels are fine.)

Thoughts? Thoughts about the insanity?

The default lister is like a special layout. You can modify it using Settings > Set As Default Lister.

Yes that's the one and when I make changes to it I then save it with Settings > Set As Default Lister.

Have you got any script add-ins installed and active? They may be changing the format after the lister opens.

Only using "Settings Auto Backup" and the tab relabeler I wrote. I've turned both off, closed & reopened DOpus and no difference. And the padlock still says "Unknown" folder format for R.

I don't have anything (that I know of) with ability to grab a mouse-over tooltip.

I created my documentation in preparation for the fresh install of v12 and then with a "clean, fresh" install I began building it again. Quite an undertaking but I could do things and make choices with better knowledge behind it this time compared to when I first got DOpus. Cleaned up a lot and organized things better. I definitely focused more heavily on getting functionality through folder formats before utilizing other features. I feel it came together very well and it reenforced my general understanding.

Now...R drive...when I create a NEW tab pointed to R drive, it's fine. It uses User Default folder format as it should and Labels are implemented. I decided to place the Labels def for R in User Default and do away with the Path specific folder format. It works.

But when I save the default lister with a tab pointing to R: and pull up the lister again, the padlock for the R: tab says Unknown. The formatting of the columns is fine. The label implementation is fine. Everything looks right except padlock says Unknown. I tried resetting R to User Default format and saved the lister and now when I open a NEW tab for R, the padlock says "Default Format".

I think the oddity is when the tab is saved with the lister, not when opening a new tab.

I've watched the videos but not sure about this. I want to disconnect a Path folder format definition from a folder. I can right-click on padlock and choose "Reset to User Default format" right? Can I also accomplish the same by calling up the Folder Format dialog and click on the "Reset" button and choose "Reset to User Default format"? And should I or do I need to save the lister after that? Also, if I uncheck the Path folder format in Prefs, is that the same as "Reset" too?

I also noticed if Labels is turned on with none defined for a Path folder format, Labels from the User Default folder format is ignore. So it's not cumulative. I suspect the same may be true of Hide & Show filters. Just mentioning to verify that's intended.

Thank you.

Delete the format from Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats if you want to be sure it's gone.

They probably should be inherited from the first format that has them turned on, but I'm not 100% sure. It's possible they are handled differently. I'd need to check the code to see exactly what it does as I'm not familiar with this area in enough detail.

yes I did delete the folder format in Prefs.

as I think about Path folder formats, I think inherited fits better since it's so common for so many other things compared to ignore and replace completely (imho). It's great to be able to turn off labels & filters to ignore any defined items and just let inherited get implemented.

You didn't comment about "Reset". Should I assume "Reset to User Default format" from padlock or folder format dialog should disconnect any folder formats and perhaps no need for saving lister?

Thank you.

The options in the padlock right-click menu only reset things for the current window. They don't save any changes.