Folder Format Manipulation Anomaly

According to the help file...

I navigate to a test folder on a local drive and my Local Drives format is correctly applied.

Now I apply Flat View --> Mixed (No Folders) using the button on the default Menu toolbar. My Flat View format is correctly applied but interestingly, the way it is reported when I hover over the format lock icon is different to the way Local Drives format is reported.

Now I apply Set FORMAT=!default. Based on what the help file says I would expect no visible change, as the default for Flat View is already in play and Flat View --> Mixed (No Folders) is still applied (I checked to make sure). However, the Relative Location column is gone.

Something seems to be amiss here. It also seems to me that when Set FORMAT=!default has been applied it would be useful for the "hover over the format lock" display to tell me the outcome of applying the default. e.g.:

Modified by command: Set Format=!default
The current Folder Format comes from: Default for "Flat View"

Regards, AB

Isn't it doing what the manual says it will do? Applying the format for the path.

Here are my Default Formats preferences. Since the folder concerned is on a local drive, "Local Drives" could be selected as the default and apparently has been, but equally since Flat View is in play then "Flat View" could have been selected as the default.

That's why I think the format lock "hover" display should make the outcome clear.

Regards, AB

I think agree with Leo is correct that this is working as "intended" (or at least as "documented")... I just think that what you yourself "expect" and what might have been "intended" are different things.

I view this situation and your comments in two parts:

1.) Running set format=!default is stated in the manual as applying whatever Opus determines should be the default format based on the "path". Turning FlatView on applies a format based on it's own format definition - but which has nothing to do with the current "path". Based purely on "path" it's every bit as reasonable to me for Opus to resolve the format needing to be applied as a result of the command to "Local Drives" as it was before you turned FlatView on. Notice how FlatView itself remained enabled - the files are still shown in "Mixed (No Folders)" flat view mode, only the actual display formatting has been reverted to path based defaults.

Similarly, if you compare what happens when you have the Content Type detection settings enabled - the same thing happens. For instance, having the "Images" content type format enabled and browsing into a folder with images might show you thumbnails... and then running set format=!default reapplies the path-based default format (lets say "Local Drives" again) and overrides the thumbnails view-mode back to details (at least by default/for most of us).

2.) Separate from that, I do think that it would be sensible for the hover-over-format-lock info tip to explain ~which format the set format=!default command actually resolved to... so, stealing from your example, maybe what you could/should have seen might have been something like:

The current Folder Format comes from: Default for "Local Drives" Modified by command: Set Format=!default
...or something similar.

Since Leo is correct 99.9% of the time, I always agree with him, by default! :laughing:

Your analysis makes sense. On further investigation, it seems to me that the Default Formats list can be logically split into:

[ol][li]Path based defaults: Custom,FTP,Local,Network,Portable,Removable[/li][li]Path independent defaults: Collection,Search[/li][li]Temporary path override defaults: Sync,Flat View[/li][li]Other: Zip[/li][/ol]
Collection and Search Results formats can be user modified but revert to Collection and Search Results when !default is applied.
Sync and Flat View kick in when applied. When !default is subsequently applied, both revert to whatever was in play before.
Zip only applies if no Path Format does. Zip format can be user modified but reverts to Zip when !default is applied.

Regards, AB