Folder format PATH matching

HI all,

I have a number of drives with nearly identical directly layouts, and I want to apply a Folder Format to a path, regardless of which drive it is on. I tried adding the path a '*:\path\to\folder', but that doesn't match.

Also, I have some folders which are symbolic links to the same path on another drive. DO12 doesn't pay any attention to symbolic links, and doesn't realise the folders are in-fact the same folder. As such I have to add multiple paths to the path formats list, which gets exponentially more painful to manage.

What are the options for matching paths using a pattern or wildcard?

Is there likely to be any support for resolving paths (via junctions and sym-links) to the real path, and applying the correct folder format?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, I'm officially embarrassed now. :blush:

Apparently when you are adding a folder format, simply select new "Wildcard Path Format"..

Thanks for such a great product :smiley: