Folder Format Sorting

Hi there!

I need some assistance with folder formats sorting and its subfolders.

I've defined a path folder format that looks like this, for path w:\fritz. This is a mapped network drive to a Windows server OS, if this matters.

Additionally I've specified a reverse sorting order in tab display that should sort all files in path w:\fritz and its subfolders in column modified date/time from the most current date to the oldest one:

However this is not working as expected and I know there must be sthg. that is interfering this format. When hovering over the lock on the bottom of the liste, I see:
Which means that my defined format is working but obviously there is another format that jumps in?

I cannot located the default format or with other words, how can I disable this default format to test if my format works as expected?

Are we talking about this format?
I guess this format is necessary for all other folders that do not have a user defined format, right?

In what way is it not working?

Ah sorry for not being clear: the reverse sorting does not work. I expected the latest files and folders to be on top of the lister and the older items below.

But hey, wait, it seems to work now! Guess it was an caching issue. After closing DO completely and starting again, switching to various other folders and return to w:\fritz, the sorting now works.

Expect for folders which are still sorted according to their names, but I could solved this just at the time of typing here:
Remove this option an you are good to go :smiley: