Folder Formats Auto Size Problem

I cannot get the folder formats working (in the way I think they ought to) Its only affecting the Downloads folder right now. Well it may be the same for others, but its the downloads folder that is niggling me!

Whenever I open a new lister and go to downlloads folder its always expanded to the max size (auto sized). I prefer a dual pane so it means that I can't see the other field titles, to be able to sort by date time etc.

I have explored the folder formats and can apply a favourite format to the folder which works. I have also unchecked the auto size of folders in list view in folder formats. I had also edited the default folder having set the widths in the lister view. Can't see why this folder does not stick to that, I'm guessing there is another setting somewhere in the myriad of options :slight_smile:

Its a small thing I know, but I'm sure I just need to find the right config ticks to set it the way I want.

Can someone point me in the right directionm please?


Selecting a Favorite Format is only temporary. It gives you a way to quickly change the way you're looking at the current folder to something you wouldn't normally want. The opposite of what you want here.

If you want to change the default format for all folders (not just Downloads), then follow this guide:

If you only want to change the format for the Downloads folder, the steps are similar, but you should choose the option to only save the format for the current path.

You can see the list of all formats under Preferences if you want to review things, and hovering over the format lock on the status bar will show a tooltip telling you where the current format comes from.

The video at the bottom of that guide is probably also worth watching, both for what you're having trouble with as well as to learn some advanced column resizing options that can make it so a single setup adapts well to both single and dual-pane windows.

Thanks I'll check that out.