Folder Formats in File Collections <-> Find Results

"Search Results: The default format for a File Collection that is used to present search results. This will override the Collection format for these collections."

This does not work for me. "Collection: The default format for File Collection folders." will always "dominate" the "search results" format. For example I cannot set a background for search results but not collections.

Search Results is used for Windows Search, not for Tools > Find Files.

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Hello Leo,

could you please also explain why I cannot drag and drop a Stored Query? I can copy and paste a Stored Query for example from a "Find results" folder into the "Stored Queries" folder, but when I simply want to drag it, it shows the forbidden icon at the mouse pointer.

Thank you

(usage scenario: I have created a "Stored Query" that searches Desktop, Documents, and Downloads, refreshing automatically, for "ext:.txt". I assigned a dedicated Folder Format so the list will be "sorted by modified". --> Result: I always have an auto-updating list of the most recent txt files that I am using. When I modify a text, it immediately moves to the top of the list. :slight_smile: I can also nicely apply QuickFilters (asterisk) to that list to narrow it down in case I am looking for a specific file, and/or sort by location column.)

datemodified:today AND ext:.txt
does not work... Could it be Advanced Query Syntax is more or less broken?

Ask one question per thread please.

(Although with Windows Search we don't run the queries, we only pass them to Windows, so we can't always answer questions about the exact syntax it uses. Try in File Explorer to see if the same is true there.)

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You are right, Leo.
(I'll give the solution for the 2nd question here still, it's not a DOpus issue:
The reason was that it is OS-language-dependent. On a German OS, only

ext:.txt UND änderungsdatum:heute

Windows search syntax is not particularly powerful, for example it's not possible to define "all files that are at maximum 1 month old, relative to today". Also, as opposed to FlatView+Quickfilter, Stored Query (Windows Search) requires a refresh to show newly created files (but like FV/QF, it will update sorting when a file is changed and the list is sorted by modified.) )