Folder Groups or something similar

I find that having a different lister which is more appropriate for some of my folders (e.g. Images to have image information columns and Movies to have movie related information columns etc. and so on).

I have movies, images, music and audio books, ebooks spread in quite a few folders across the drives and instead of adding columns for movie and saving it separately using Save the current folder format setting for each movie folder and others separately, is there any way I can club all my folders which contain movies, images, music and audio books, ebooks or so on in something I call Folder Groups and apply the movie appropriate or other lister to this entire Folder Group at once.

I have installed the following scripts

Video_Frame_Columns.js.txt for video columns.
Column.File_ExtendedEXIF.js.txt (and am in the process of changing it or using a new one for PDF files page counts as well.)

Do you mean sort different kinds of files to several folders named by the classname?

What I mean is simple.

My Default Lister does not show columns called Definition (for video) or Duration (for audio and video).

I have three folders say

D:\Family Movies
D:\Family Movies\Vacation 1
E:\Learning Videos

Using Video_Frame_Columns.js.txt script columns, I want to see the column called Definition and also another available column Duration for above three folders as it shows me video definition and duration.

So, even though my Default Lister will not contain Definition or Duration columns, when I navigate to either of the three folders above on D: or E:, it should automatically change the display to include the column Definition and Duration.

In fact, it should automatically change the display to include the column Definition for D:\Family Movies folder and all its sub folders whatever their names are.

Similarly, when I change to any folders containing audio book or music files, it should show Duration but I do not have any need for Definition.

E:\Audio books

Another case is for folders containing images where I want to see thumbnails instead of Details view.

Now, the way I do it currently is by navigating to the folder, adding the columns and then using Folder Options, Save Folder Format, Save format for a folder and selecting Replace this folder format ... checkbox.

But I have to do this for each folder above separately.

What I want is I something like to create a Folder Group for Movies and have all three folders like above and all others in future where Movies will be available included in this Folder Group Movies. Now, I should have a Movies Lister Display which will contain both Definition and Duration and which can be used to apply to all Movie Folders by applying it once only to Folder Group Movies.

Similarly, I can create Folder Group for Audio books and Music, Images etc. and have separate Lister display for them with Duration but without having Definition.

I do not know exactly what the Favorite Format in above option does and how to use it but I guess it might be useful.

You can create Wildcard Path Formats in Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats which match multiple paths.