Folder icons instead of thumbnails

I replaced some folder icons with custom icons (using the Set Label function) but when i view a directory as thumbnails, the folder icon is replaced with thumbnails of random images in that folder. When i go to Preferences-Folder Display i don't see an option to change that. If i'm in thumbnail view mode it's for the image files in that folder, not the icons of the subfolders

Use the Change Icon option in the folder's Properties dialog:

(This is a Windows thing, not an Opus thing, but it also works in Opus.)

This is a network drive. there's no Folder Icon section in that tab.
and i'm viewing this in Opus. regardless of what windows shows i should be abe to change how it looks in Opus

I don't think there is a way to do it with network folders in thumbnails mode, other than using folder.jpg or coverart.jpg inside the folder (which will give you a single image for the folder, but not the same look as replacing the icon entirely).