Folder.jpg not always recognized as cover

I'm using "coverart.jpg" to show the Cover of an Album in the thumbnail-view of the containing folder. This is always working for me. But a guy from the german forum is using "folder.jpg" and found it's working in one folder but not in another. With some JPG's he only see the "Folder containing picture"-Icon so it's not recognized as a Cover. I could easily reproduce this by renaming some of my "coverart.jpg" to "folder.jpg".
An example of a picture which is not recognized as a cover when named as "folder.jpg" is this one:

When it's called folder.jpg it's displayed as a CD cover only if the "majority" of files in the folder are music files.

Ah, yes there was only one music file with the Picture in that folder.
Thank you for explaining this.

...but what about an Image called "cover.jpg".
It seems to be not recognized as a picture at all.
I allways get a Thumbnail only showing my mp3-Icon if it's present in the folder.

Folder.jpg and coverart.jpg are the only names that Opus looks for automatically. Cover.jpg is just a jpeg in a folder, like any other jpeg.

Hi leo,
Yes I understand this now. The confusion I went into is about the "Shell-generated 3D-Thumbnails". A single Picture in a folder with music-files does'nt create this sort of thumbnail containing the picture. Even if I put a lot of Images into the folder I see only the mp3-icon. Renaming one of these pictures to "folder.jpg" creates the 3D-Thumbnail instead of the CD-Cover. A folder containing only pictures is showing the 3D Thumbnail correctly. A guy in the german forum gets different results for 2 folders both containing some mp3-files + folder.jpg + cover.jpg. One folder is showing the 3D-Thumb, the other the CD-Cover. This is quite confusing.
Is there a way to force the 3D-Thumbnail to be shown with a picture if only a single picture is present in a folder?
Are there any rules for the display of 3D-Thumbnails so I can predict if it's showing the filetype-icon or a picture which is present in the folder?

Open the folder's Properties dialog and you can specify an image to be used inside its 3D thumbnail.

There is also an option in Opus's advanced prefs section to turn off auti-detection of music folders so only folders with coverart.jpg get CD thumbnails.

Thank you very much leo!
My confusion is completely gone now. I saw that in Explorer a "folder.jpg" always creates the 3D-Miniature. This is naturally in conflict with the CD-Cover recognition of DOpus for those files. Enabling the advanced option "no_folder_CD_thumbs" solves this for me and I'm glad that "coverart.jpg" is still working for CD-Covers.
I posted this in the german forum and I'm sure the other guy will be happy with this too.

Taking the opportunity of the update the manual Dopus, it would be nice to add an explanation of how work the covers of an album.
And in particular the use of "coverart.jpg".
It seems that is not mentioned anywhere.

wondering if this works on winXP too, or just vista and win7..

coverart.jpg and folder.jpg are also working on XP but the result will be different because XP doesn't have the "Shell-generated 3D-Thumbnails". The Thumbnails will always be "flat" and look different for each variant.
Using Coverart.jpg results in a Thumbnail that looks like a CD-Cover. Best for Music-Folders IMO.
Just try it to see the difference.

hmm. i've placed your posted picture into an arbitrary folder (in Dopus, winxp-sp3), C:\folder1\folder2\coverart.jpg
then i went up to folder1 and set the view to "Thumbnail view".

nothing happens. :frowning:

Have a look at your Thumbnail Settings:

mazing!! works, thanks to the check box! ( it's long ago that i studied and set the preference settings. back then i must have decidedly turned off that box .. for some reason i guess ).

So when i switch the view to "Thumbnail view", Dopus begins to scan the folder contents for such JPEG's? oic

unfortunately, all of my album folders contain files with the name "cover.jpg" (back.jpg, ..) and for some good reason (compatibility with some other program, cataloguer) i wont rename them from cover.jpg to coverart.jpg.

Maybe, in a future version of Dopus10, there's some switch in the Preferences>>Miscellaneous>>Advanced>>... ? Crossing fingers! :sunglasses:

You can have the same Image twice in your Album Folders. One named cover.jpg and the other one coverart.jpg.
I gave my coverart.jpg's the attributes h,s so I don't see them most of the time.

hehe. let's be honest.. that's a hair-raising workaround trick.
i'd rather have a setting for this in Dopus. (So your original files are named "cover.jpg" too? like mine.. )

No I've only coverart.jpg's but in my Album Folders I want to see only MP3's and a playlist so I hide them.

There are other ways in DOpus 10 to hide things but after playing around with the other options I decided to use the attributes h,s for everything I want to hide (which is not too much) because it's much easier to toggle between "Hide everything" and Show everything" with the "Show Systemfiles"-Toggle-Button when I consequently use only one method.
You can also use only attribute h to hide Files using the "Show Hidden Files" Button to toggle.

What's hair-raising about this? I don't think it would make sense if DOpus adds support for several other Image Names to show Cover-Thumbs just because other Software uses them. That would only confuse things.
To save space on your Harddisk you could also create a hidden Hardlink to your cover.jpg and give it the name coverart.jpg. That would be pretty much the same hair-raising thing Microsoft does to get around problems with different Path-Names in my localized Version of Windows. :wink:

@Birba: I think you're right. It should be mentioned somewhere in the Manual that DOpus supports coverart.jpg and how it can be used. Support of folder.jpg is Windows Standard and therefore it's not really necessary to mention it.

Thanks for your comments and ideas. The following screenshot exemplifies how such a thing is realized in other soft warez. The (here: default) list order (Move Up, Move Down) determines which jpeg-file is taken as folder thumbnail...
...for example if the folder contains several suitable JPEG's (folder.jpg, folderfront.jpg, front.jpg, coverart.jpg, covergirl.jpg, cover.jpg) the program would take cover.jpg as folder thumbnail because it is listed on top (priority). Clearly, this is an advanced implementation of the folder thumbnail concept -- that software is specialized on cataloging items (files, folders) -- and we cant expect Dopus (a file manager!) to adopt this high degree of flexibility.

But sure. In the PDF-documentation, this feature (coverart.jpg, folder.jpg are recognized vs. cover.jpg isn't.) should be treated more in detail.

FYI i've submitted a feature request (program suggestion) for this, filed under #426271845. Crossing fingers now! :astonished: