Folder.jpg not being used for full folder thumbnail

[I've split this into a separate thread.--Leo]

Glad to hear it's not just me, jon :slight_smile:
Also Happy Easter to the GPs team and all Opus users.

One other thing that is somehow related to the latest beta is about the cd_thumb_coverart_file setting.
I set it to folder.jpg and use it beyond just music covers - for special folders, movies, games (ala games explorer) and covers show up except that they get squeezed to a 1:1 square altering their aspect ratio.
Since I read a lot of manga and have my thumbnail size (for thumbnail mode) set at 200x256 (portrait aspect) which fits perfectly with the new cbr/cbz thumbnails. I am positive it would also fit movie posters, blu-ray/dvd jewel-case covers, books and more, but even with the above thumbnail setting - coverart is made to be a small perfectly square block in a classic cd jewel case.

If it is not asking too much, would you implement a simple check if the image is portrait oriented and scale the "jewel case" to a rectangle accordingly. Or better yet, implement another advanced variable to load a specifically named image to fill the thumbnail size as it is with comic archives. That one should be preferred over the cd_thumb_coverart_file when both are present.

As always, thank you for your hard work.

folder.jpg is used by default already; there is no need to change anything to make Opus use folder.jpg.

I doubt you really want to set cd_thumb_coverart_file to folder.jpg as all that will do is force any folder.jpg to be turned square and put into a jewel case. (i.e. What you're complaining about is exactly what you told Opus to do. :slight_smile:).

(PS: Please start a new thread for unrelated topics.)

I agree but currently it seems folder.jpg inside FOLDER-A sets all subfolders of FOLDER-A to have it as thumbnail (what's the point in that), but not FOLDER-A itself (duh!), which is still a yellow folder with the 4 small thumbs (except it's one thumb occupying 1/4th of the space). If we can maximize that one, all is well.
Thats it, sorry for the OT (yet again).

Strange, that isn't how it works here.

See for yourself: 120415_demo (SWF 5mb)

It's odd that the child folder also has that image as its thumbnail. Is there a folder.jpg within there as well?

Are you seeing that with cd_thumb_coverart_file reset to the default coverart.jpg?

Here is what I see, and the relevant config and directory setup behind it (cd_thumb_coverart_file isn't shown, but is the default coverart.jpg).

I only put a folder.jpg in the "alan wake" folder, of course (ignore the other folders next to it).

Laughing at myself now... try setting the cd_thumb_coverart_file to blank as in empty = "". Enjoy the laughs. :smiley:
All's well that ends well...

Ah, that explains what was happening.

We'll add in a check for this so that you can set the config value to a blank string if you want to completely disable the coverart.jpg stuff, as that seems a rare but valid thing to do. The change probably won't make it into but should be in the version that comes after it.

(For now, you could type in a random-garbage filename that would never be found in a directory to get the same result.)