Folder junction name display

When displaying the contents of a folder which is either a junction or a link to another folder, the folder name shown is just the junction name. Would it be possible to also display the name of the folder to which the junction or link points please? Something like c:\folda\foldb [junction -> c:\folde].

Turn on the Target or Description column. (The latter will show a bunch of other things, depending on the file/folder type.)

If you are showing a folder that contains other junction/link folders then the description column will indeed show the folder to which the junction is pointing. My issue is that when you are displaying the file contents of a folder which is a junction the folder name displayed above the columns just shows the junction name and not to where the junction points. It would be useful to have the folder name that shows above the column descriptions to also show the name to which the current junction folder points.

True, you have to go up a level to see where the current folder points, if the current folder is a junction.

So in a future update could the junction name also be shown in the folder name title please?

What type of thing is it needed for? It seems unusual to need to know where junctions are pointing frequently and in a hurry each time, such that going up a level to check doesn't do the job.

If this is done please make it an option, for me this would make the file title far too long. Also the file list title bar is breadcrumbed, that would/could complicate matters. Suggested alternative locations to display current folders target - window title bar or status bar.

leo, backing up to look at the target may mean horizontal scrolling to see the target - even on relatively short file names. And you have to remember it when you drill into symlink again. And it may not be the folder I am looking at that has a symlink it may be further up the chain eg

[ul]My C:Users/MyName/Downloads folder has these subfolders Ebooks, Other, Scada, Software and Telemetry
I have a symlink to C:Users/MyName/Downloads in the root of C:, called Downloads
So C:/Downloads/Telemetry lives at C:Users/MyName/Downloads/Telemetry.
But the Target column for C:/Downloads/Telemetry is empty - as I believe it should be[/ul]
If you put icon overlays on folder junctions and symlinks AND you have Folder Tree->Options->Automatically expand to current folder checked then you will see the folder icon with its junction/symlink overlay in the tree. That will tell you you are in a folder symlink, although it wont tell you the target,


Sure, but how often does anyone do that for it to matter that you might have to scroll a little bit?

There are options to highlight and/or select the folder you just came from when you go up a level so you never have to hunt for the place you came from.

I agree traversing a hierarchy is relatively simple,I mainly use return and backspace. But when you introduce folder links (junctions or symlinks) then you have to traverse a network. Its not an in issue if you only have a few folder junctions/symlinks, but if like me you have thousands then...

Sure, but how often does anyone do that for it to matter that you might have to scroll a little bit?
So if I had to do that then ... maybe hundreds of times a day is how often... but I have a home brew solution...

I keep shortcut links to the parent of the target folder and to the parents of all the symlink folders within the data folders (in relational database lingo they'd be called foreign keys). The OpenLink command on those links gets me to those parent folders in the destination pane. Hence from within a Symlink folder I can not only see, I can navigate to the target parent folder, and I can see and navigate to all the sibling symlink parent folders. Parent folders shortcuts are "good enough" for my purposes; there's no intrinsic reason that would prevent me keeping shortcuts to the actual target & sibling symlink folders - although it would be a lot more work

So I don't have the OPs problem as such, but I think I know where he's coming from.

If I didn't have those shortcut links in the data folders then I might be looking for something similar. But I don't think putting the target folder in the folder/file title bar is the place I would choose, for the reasons previously stated - space and breadcrumbs.

I'm not sure what I'd want OPUS to do about folders whose parent or grandparent were junctions or links.


What are you doing where you need to know where different junctions/softlinks are pointing, on network shares, when already inside the junction/softlink (and thus there to manage its contents, not it itself), hundreds of times per day?