Folder labels on Windows taskbar

I have a folder that I keep open all the time that I use as a substitute for the Windows desktop. In Explorer, I was able to set it up to appear on the Windows task bar with the label I wanted: "Main." In Explorer, if you right click on a folder and click properties, the dialogue includes an input box where you can give the folder a label. The same dialogue shows up in DO, and the label is still there, but DO doesn't show it on the task bar.

Instead, in DO, the folder shows up in the task bar with the first few letters of a full path description: "c:\Do.." Before long, I have another instance of DO open that points to a different folder, but looks identical on the Windows task bar. (I have the Windows taskbar set up not to group similar items, so the buttons are small and can't have very much content.) I can mostly remember which is which by position on the bar, but it would be better if I could control the labels.

I've looked for a way to control labeling, but haven't found it. I'm hoping someone can point me to something I missed.

Preferences, Listers, Options, Display full path in Lister title bar

Thanks -- just what I needed. (Seems obvious enough now that you pointed it out, but somehow I missed it.)