Folder name changes when copy-pasting

In folder x:\downloads I have a folder named 'Camera Roll'. It contains screenshots only.
ctrl-c/ctrl-v the selected folder:

  1. it creates a new folder titled 'Samsung Screenshots' (instead of Camera Roll - Copy)
  2. After a while the name changes to Camera Roll-Large
  3. Again later it changes to Camera Roll (without 'Copy')
  4. I copied the folder to an empty drive and did the same (see 5)
  5. In the tree it is named Camera Roll Copy (x) but the subfolder the 'copy x' isn't added to the folder name.

Probably I might be overlooking a logical explanation.

Windows 10 x64 15063.296
Opus v12.5.1


Does the same happen in Explorer?

The folder probably has a desktop.ini hidden inside which changes the name that is displayed for it. When you start to copy the folder, you see its real name. When the desktop.ini file is copied over it changes the name that you see.

You can turn off localized names in Preferences if you always want to see the real names, but it may change the names of several system folders to ones you aren't used to.

In Explorer duplicating the folders take 1-2 seconds and they get the same name (without 'Copy' though).

Pls see screenshot '5' above and compare with the latest one (7)
My experience is that in most cases (but not always) Opus only refreshes after changing folders, i.e. temporarily switch to another folder and then return.

There is a desktop.ini in the folder, I viewed the contents, it says


(doesn't say anything to me though)


That is where the name is coming from. Exactly as I suspected.

(The actual name is inside that DLL, and will be different in each language.)

Explorer might be copying the desktop.ini first instead of last, which would account for the momentary difference when copying.

So nothing unexpected is happening here, except that you may not have expected that folder to be changing its displayed name like that.

Duplicating folders with localised names will get confusing as they will all have the same name.

You probably want to delete the desktop.ini file from the duplicates.

Many thanks Leo. That solved the matter.
BTW in my case I needed to rebootmy pc, so as to 'clear' things though: Opus File->Exit and relaunch would open the last 3-4 sessions (repeatedly).
Anyway, it is fine now.