Folder Name in FileName


Is there a way I can automatically insert the name of a folder into the beginning of the filename? Is there a command for a button?

Something similar to this:

Folder Name: Budget
File Name: City Hall Report.docx
After naming : Budget City Hall Report.docx


You haven't said what the relationship of the folder to the file is, but if it's the folder the file is contained in, the following command will do it:

Rename * TO "{parent1} *" FILEINFO

That actually works but needs a tweak. I would like to only change the name of the files I selected. Is that possible?

I am renaming files and preparing for a ECM migration, and descriptive folder name needs to be in the filename since these files will be moved around and eventually in a new system.

That's what that will do - it will only operate on selected files.

it actually renames other folders/files in the same folder as well... I just want it to rename selected files

Sorry, you're right of course - my fault. The correct command is:

Rename PATTERN * TO "{parent1} *" FILEINFO

works great, thanks