Folder Operations Inquiry

What is the difference between the green and orange display windows?
and I want to fix the position of those windows
Is there a shortcut to copy the currently active tab to the next folder window?

They're blue and grey by default, but if you mean the source and destination colors, they are explained here:!Documents/Source_and_Destination.htm

If you've imported someone else's configuration which is where the green and orange colors came from, we recommend not doing that as it can change a lot of settings from their defaults and makes life harder for you as a new user, as you don't know what has changed and why it doesn't match what the manual describes.

Relative to what?

By "next folder window" do you mean from right to left, or into a new tab on the same side, or into a whole separate window, or something else?

Yes, it is
I Means the preceding