Folder Options Hide Filter Regular Expressions keep resetting

Greetings, I have set an option in "Folder Options > Hide Filter > File & Folder Names" to hide files and folders starting with a period using the regex syntax "^\." (minus the quotes) in my home folder.

I then apply as well as "Save the current folder format > Save format for a folder > Replace this folder's format..." and hit ok, as well ok in the previous menu. It then shows me the home folder as I wish hiding files and folders that begin with a period. But as soon as I click somewhere else and return to that folder, it returns to its previous state.

When I look back in the options, my regex is still there but both of the "Use Regular Expression" checkboxes become unchecked.

I saved it as a favorite folder option as well and can reapply is that way, but it never sticks. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong. Thank you for your assistance with this.

Edit: Forgot to add I have tried this in both 12.3 and 12.3.4 Beta.

This looks like a bug.

Please try using .* (non-regex) for now.

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Thank you for your swift reply. Thought I was going crazy. I'll use the non-regex version for now.

We have a fix for this which will be part of 12.3.5 beta.

Many thanks for reporting it.