Folder Options no longer stick

Something happened to our computer at work, and several programs lost their marbles as well...

But maybe you can tell me what component to replace or reinstall so that my Dopus Folder Options will "stick" as they used to do.

Suddenly, track length, artist, dimensions, and all sorts of other unnecessary columns are showing, and no matter how many times I get rid of them and choose the wonderful auto-size column feature, and tell it to apply the changes to every folder on the computer, I find that it hasn't worked.



You shouldn't need to reinstall anything. Have a read of the Folder Formats FAQ and go through its suggestions to get your formats back how you want them.

Indeed sir. The very first sentence fixed it.
Have no idea how Enable Folder Content Type detection got turned on.


If you use the Content Type drop-down that's on the default toolbar, it'll turn on content type detection.

I'll see if I can go into customize mode and delete that troublemaking box