Folder Options - removing field headings

I've tried removing the field headings I don't want displayed, such as Attributes and Date Accessed - (via the "more..." option) and using the option to "save/for all folders" but when I reopen a lister all field headings are displayed again. Can someone help, please?

Have a look in Preferences, Folders, Folder Formats to see which other formats are defined.

They may be being used instead in some situations, e.g.:

  • Network drives, FTP sites and Zip files (these are below Custom and can't be seen in my screenshot)

  • Specific paths that have saved formats (at the top of my screenshot)

  • Content Type formats (in the middle of my screenshot -- Opus has a system which is on by default and which will switch folder options when it finds a directory full of images, music or documents).

Also be aware of the two checkboxes at the bottom of the Options tab when editing a folder format. (For some reason, the second of these only appears when you edit a format via Preferences and isn't there when you use the Folder Options button on a toolbar.)

The first checkbox specifies whether columns from other matching formats should be used as well as those from the format in question. If this is not ticked then the first matching format is used and all others are ignored. If this is checked then all matching formats are merged together.

For example, say you've saved a specific format for C:\pictures which has just the Name and Attribute columns, and also says it should use columns from other matching formats. You've also edited the Images content-type format so that it only has Name, Width and Height columns. Now if you go to C:\pictures and it has enough image files in it to trigger both formats, you'll end up with Name, Attribute, Width and Height columns.

The second checkbox is for formats saved for a specific path and specifies that all subdirectories should inherit the same format, else they'll use the default format.

If no other saved format matches, it's the Default Format: Custom one which gets used.

Thanks Webmaster, I'll give that a try, although it seems to me that I managed to do the same task much easier in version 6. What I want to acheive is simply two columns in all my listers - Name and Size. Is your method the way to acheive this?


A quick and easy way to do that is to delete all saved Folder Formats for specific paths (the top section, if any), then untick all the other formats (Content Type ones, as well as Default Formats ones, except Custom), then set Custom to have the columns you want.

When Custom is the only enabled format it's the one that will always be used.

Exception: "Namespace" special folders, like My Computer, Desktop and Recycle Bin are provided by Explorer, rather than Opus. You may get different columns in them, but if you add/remove columns and close the lister then it should remember next time you're in the same folder.

Webmaster, I did as you said in your last post and all looked well with the folders and subfolders until I reached the files themselves and they still had all the fields which I didn't want. Why didn't the routine affect the file fields?

Sorry to be a bother but I'd like to crack this one.

Try turning off Enable Folder Content Type detection under Preferences, Folders, Options, although if all the content type formats are unticked under Folder Formats they shouldn't have an effect. I can't think of much else though...

If you're still stuck, please send a screenshot if you can.

That last suggestion did it, thanks for hanging in there...I'll sleep tonight ! :smiley: