Folder Pane positioning via keyboard

Hi there
This is one of the best SW product i have ever seen.
I would imagine anyone who hates using a mouse like me would immediately take to Dir Opus. It is only on accoun of quality of product that I bother to ask the questions in the accompanying screenshot. Picture and 1000 words etc.
Basically I am wanting to know if there are keystroke commands to

  • Position the folder/file pane separator, and
  • Position the folder pain using the scroll bars when they aprear.

Both of these of course can be done by the mouse.

Image attached here (I hope)...

Once the folder tree is active, hold Ctrl and then use the cursor keys to scroll around in it without changing the selection.

(You can activate it by cycling through via the Tab key, or you can create a hotkey which activates it directly via the Set FOCUS=Tree command. There's also LeftTree and RightTree if you have two open and want hotkeys for each.)

Thanks Leo
I should have mentioned I was aware that with the folder tree active holding the Ctrl then UP and DOWN cursor keys work. However Ctrl LEFT and Ctrl RIGHT do not. Any thoughts?

I think the default configuration binds Ctrl-Left/Right Arrow to change tabs. If you go to Settings -> Customize -> Keys and change those hotkeys to something else you should then be able to scroll the tree using the keys.