Folder Path Change Question

Another Folder Format question for the team of resident experts.

The starting point is a folder specific format which hides grp:images.

I then apply a favourite format whose only purpose is to switch off all filters. The NoFilter format has no active Column settings and therefore has nothing to say about Grouping. However, as can be seen, Grouping is switched off as a side effect when it is applied.

I now switch back to the original format using Set FORMAT=!folder. The original folder specific grp:images filter is correctly reapplied but Grouping is not. Is this how it's supposed to work?

Regards, AB

I'm sure there may be an issue in there somewhere - but other than the NoFilter format turning off grouping when I assume it shouldn't have, I couldn't be sure if there was a 'second' issue since:

...isn't the 'original' format. You started off with a folder specific format for "C:\Relay\Test" from which I assume your grouping was derived. But in the end you switch to a 'different' (!folder) format which I assume you're saying ALSO has grouping defined?

I actually can't get a "NoFilter" filter to turn off the *.txt file filter I enable in a folder specific format. So, already I get different results from you in a quick test - though we must be doing something different.

Jeff, this is the NoFilter definition I'm using.. Show everything and hide nothing.

Per the discussion in this thread, !folder just takes you back to the original folder format.

Regards, AB

At least in, Set FORMAT=!folder correctly turns grouping back on for me if the original format had it on.

However, changing to another format which has the Columns tab turned off does indeed turn off grouping, and I agree that it (probably) shouldn't. We're taking a look at that.