Folder Refesh

The files shown in a folder are not automatically updated when a change occurs. If I have a lister open and a file is changed, created or deleted by another process the change is not automatically displayed. Performing a manual refresh works. If I have Windows Explorer open it does show the change.

I turned on debugging in DO and I do see the change event appear in DebugView. The information looks good to me and it does work with Windows Explorer.

[12416] [14656] dopus: Notify 000001E619CF9360 Returned 50 bytes, error 0
[12416] [12312] dopus: Change modified on D:\Temp\AutoHotkey.ahk
[12416] [14656] dopus: ShellChange: 000001E603BC2860, 3
[12416] [14656] dopus: ShellChange: dwEvent = 40000
[12416] [14656] dopus: Notify 000001E619CF9360 Returned 20 bytes, error 0
[12416] [12312] dopus: Change modified on D:\Temp

This is on Windows 10 Pro v1703 OS Build 15063.674

Is there something I can do to get auto refresh of folders when changes are made?

Is that the full log or was more happening at the same time?

Which file was changed/added, and which folder was visible in the lister? (Check the exact path you see when editing the location bar, as some folders can be reached in multiple ways. Check for a \ prefix as well which can affect things and is added by some programs when launching folders.)

Did the change appear after an F5 refresh?

Is the drive a local HDD/SSD inside the PC, or something else?

Which version of Opus?

That was the only information from dopus.
The file listed: D:\Temp\AutoHotkey.ahk was copied to that folder.
The change did show up after an F5 refresh.
The drive is an internal local SDD. I have also tried other internal local HDD and have the same issue.
Version 12.6 x64

Please try the 12.6.3 beta that was released today, as it has some file change notification improvements.

12.6.3 still has this issue

Mount drive and open it in Dopus.
Create or copy file to that drive.
Leave Dopus showing that drive with file.
Format drive and copy another file to it (outside Dopus).

In Dopus you can see how new file shows up, but old remains until refreshed.

That doesn't sound like the same issue. No one mentioned formatting the drive until now.

As the issue is folder refresh, it is the same.
This one is without formatting

Mount drive. Open folder on it in Dopus.
Open Windows's install.wim in 7zipFM. Copy for example \Windows\ServiceProfiles\LocalService* to drive and delete files from drive. For both copying and deleting combine Directory Opus, 7zip's 2 panels and Windows Explorer.
Observe ...

Similar symptoms may have completely different causes, and often do with this type of issue.

The FAQ on this issue has things to try, as well as debug logging diagnostics to run. Please try those first and let us know the debug output.

12.6.3 has fixed my issue. The folders are now auto refreshing as expected. Thanks.

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I have described what happened, if you find it being possible bug, try to replicate if important. Asking me to do debug and whatnot for you is not my job. You get paid, me not.