Folder shortcut opening new Lister/Explorer?


Normally, when double-clicking a Shortcut Shell Link which points to a folder, the target folder opens in the same Lister/Explorer window where the Shortcut Link is located.

Is it possible to create a Shortcut Shell Link pointing to a folder, where double-clicking this Shortcut Link opens the target folder in a new Lister/Explorer window?

If you create a toolbar button which runs Go "C:\Your\Path" NEW and then (still in Customize mode) drag the button to a folder, you will get something you can double-click to open a new Opus window for that folder.

You could also do it using a normal shortcut which points to dopusrt.exe and runs the same command via the /cmd argument, but the button method is probably less work.

Thanks Leo. Didn't one of the previous Windows versions have a Shell Link Properties dialog option to open the target folder in a separate window (instead of in the same window)?

There is a system-wide setting in Explorer. I don't know if it was/is possible on individual folder shortcuts.

When using the link to dopusrt.exe and somehow getting the same icon which Windows uses for the target folder in a genuine folder shortcut, then this link would look exactly like a genuine folder shortcut pointing to the target folder (but in reality pointing to dopusrt.exe). So where can I get this icon?

Mhm, it seems these nice folder icons are in %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll. However, Windows uses different folder icons for different folder locations, also according the folder content. Generally, how can I get exactly the folder icon which looks like the folder icon of the target folder?