Folder Tabs Changing Order - How to Stop?

Happening in 10.0.2; didn't know 10.0.3 was available.

In .02, it is intermittent, doesn’t matter where you click on the tab - it can move either way. Doesn’t seem to matter whether or not another operation is taking place. Happens a lot less than it did in 10.0 and 10,01, but still there.

I'll try 10.03 after installing it.


For me It also happens in
2 Times since yesterday evening (1 time in the source and 1 time in the destination in a dual horizontal lister).
Couldn't find any repeatable way to reproduce the tab changing.
The only thing that was ever the same, is that the "floating" tab goes to the rightmost position, no matter how many tabs are present.

That observation gave me an idea :bulb: and I think I've found & fixed the problem.

So you don't have to wait until the next update to try the fix (and then wait even longer if it turns out I didn't fix it completely, etc. etc.), I'll send a private message to everyone who has posted in this thread with a link to a test version with the fix.

(I don't want to put the text version in the thread as people always find it months later, think it's something special and try to use it. :slight_smile: But if anyone else wants it just PM me, or wait for the next version which will include the fix.)

I'll send the PMs within the next hour or so. (Need to wait for the code to build.)

Thanks for the Version.

I'll Test & Report back.

Thanks very much will try this evening (UK)

Have tried test version tonight. Difficult to be sure yet, but looking good, not provoked it yet into reordering. Will continue to use and monitor


Just a quick note.
Since i've installed the test version from this thread, i didn't have any tab changes.
Seems to be fixed. Will continue observing.


It's hard to prove something intermittent has stopped happening but it seems promising.

I installed .03 just this morning. I haven't seen any tabs moving thus far though admittedly haven't had much time to test it. Results sound promising however. :slight_smile:


Well, I am still using with the .exe file replaced and it worked just fine - until today. Nothing else installed since this update but the folder tabs are jumping to the right again.