Folder Tree Active Selection

The folder tree background color is a faint yellow indicating the current selected folder/directory. It is very light and I am having trouble seeing it in my old age. Is there a way to make it a different color or make the current color darker hue so that I can easily see the selected folder?? I have searched all the settings and just do not see how to change this.

Kyle Goodnight

The colour for selected items in the tree comes from the Windows Display control panel applet.

With Windows XP, click the Appearance tab, then Advanced, and in the Item drop-down select Selected Items and edit the colours.

Note that another set of colours will be used when the tree doesn't have the input focus (e.g. you click on another part of the lister). These colours are less easy to change because they'll probably affect a lot of other things you don't want to edit (like the colour of windows themselves).

Thanks, that did the trick. I had mistakenly thought that DO controlled it's own evniornment for that function. That explanins why I could not find a setting for the feature within DO. Anyway, it works for me.
Appreciate the help.
Goody :smiley: