Folder tree and drag and drop

In the folder tree of Explorer, xhan i click right in folder, we can drag and drop folder, and context menu appear...
In DO, when i click right, context menu appear and we can't drag and drop.

are there an option to do like exlporer in DO ?

Yes - a very annoying problem!! I have just started evaluating this great product, and have it 'almost' working the way I want (a higher degree does help, though - there are so many options).

But I can't find any option which prevents the Context Menu appearing when I try to 'right-click' drag and drop in the left-hand pane. This therefore only allows me to 'left-click' drag and drop, which I prefer not to do.

Strangely, there is no problem doing this in the right-hand pane!

Is there a solution to this??



This subject has come up before (recently actually) and I don't believe there is any way to change this behaviour currently... so that would make this more appropriate for a feature request. In most cases where the folder tree is involved, GPSoft has usually said there is little to be done since Dopus does not directly handle the tree... windows/explorer still does.