Folder Tree Bamboozling

Ok, i have my folder tree at the default width, this means when i'm moving in and out of directories a few levels deep that the tree scrolls to the right thus obscuring my drive structure and i have to keep scrolling it back if i want to change drives.

I've tried making the width bigger but it doesnt seem to stick, drag it out, choose "save the current folder format for all folders" quite Dopus and run it again and the folder tree is back at its default width.

I noticed that in the File Display area you can tell it to widen to the width of the widest filename or directory (which is a great feature).

Is there any way of making the folder tree width elastic like that, so as your folder tree directory structure widens , so does the folder tree, this way your drives and the start of the directories wont scroll off the screen.
Perhaps it can be made to only widen to a certain point and then start scrolling. and as you start closing folders, it resizes itself automatically to the next smallest directory structure.

If not, is there a way to just make the folder tree wider and have it keep that width next time you run it

TIA Batfink

I'm not sure if there is a way to change the default width of the folder tree.

This said, when you save a Layout the tree's width is also saved. So if you make the tree as wide as you want it and save that lister as a Layout then you can tell Opus to open that Layout instead when you double-click the desktop (or however you open new listers).

Having said that, if you just want a tree that's wide enough to always be able to change to another drive, why not add the DriveButtons to one of your toolbars instead? Then you also don't have to worry if the drives are scrolled off the top of the tree either. The tree is a fine way to navigate nearby folders but it's not great for doing things like changing drives or navigating to far-away folders.

Opus should come with a toolbar called Drives which you can switch on to quickly add drive buttons. You can then configure them as you wish. If you want a more tree-like interface you can change the Drives toolbar to a vertical one so it goes down the side of the lister window.