Folder Tree branches not collapsing

I've noticed that if I click on to select the computer icon (ie "my computer" or root) in the folder tree, any branches in the tree that were expanded do not collapse. You have to actually click on a drive letter in the tree for the branches to collapse. Is there any way to get them all to collapse without manually doing it if you select the computer only (not a drive)?

Ron Taylor

From a quick look, I think that is working as it's meant to.

The Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Collapse non-selected branches option makes it so other branches are collapsed when you move into a parallel branch in the tree.

If you move into a parent folder, it does not collapse the path to the child folder you were just in, allowing you to move up and down a single path in the tree without things closing under you.

e.g. If you are in C:\Windows\System32, you can click on C:\Windows or C:\ and nothing will collapse. You can go up to C:\ to check something, then back into C:\Windows\System32 without losing your place. (I think that is useful, and collapsing would probably be unwanted there, in most situations.) If you click on C:\Program Files then the C:\Windows branch will collapse, as you've moved into a different branch.

Since the Computer folder is near the top of the branch for all paths which are below a drive letter, it usually won't cause anything to collapse, since you're still in the branch for the previous path.

Perhaps there is an argument for treating Computer specially, since if you go to it the chances are that you've abandoned the branch you were working in to find a new one, I'm not sure.

Yeah I have the 'collapse non-selected branches' option checked. It's really no big deal. I use the Tab Groups a lot for archiving media, genealogy, and other things where I might have several tabs opened in both left and right panes. Just trying to clear them with an easy click, I just made a Tab Group that only opens the root. Works good but it leaves branches open. As I said no big deal.

Thanks for the prompt reply!


If you want a quick button or hotkey which you can push to go to the Computer folder, then collapse the rest of the tree, give this a try:

Go /mycomputer Go ROOT=collapse

That seems to do the trick here, from a quick test.

As an aside, if you take out the first line, leaving just Go ROOT=collapse, it will do the same thing except you'll end up in the root of the current path instead of in Computer. e.g. If you start in C:\Windows\System32, you end up in C:\ with the tree below there (and anywhere else) will be collapsed.

This will also expand the Computer folder itself, in case the option to expand the current folder is off:

Go /mycomputer Go ROOT=collapse Go CURRENT EXPANDTREE

Great !

Thanks again!