Folder Tree changes doesn't update in the Lister

I'm using Dual Lister with one shared folder tree configuration.
The folder tree is locked.

Here is the weird behavior.
Assuming i have a tmp folder in c: contening other dir (tmp1, tmp2 ...),

  1. If i click the tmp folder in the folder tree it opens in the lister (no problem).
  2. If i open the tmp1 folder using now the lister (which show me its content in the same lister of course), there's no problem.
  3. But now, if i re-click the tmp folder using this time the folder tree, the lister doesn't update, it still shows me the content of the c:\tmp\tmp1 folder...

Does anyone as an idee ? or at least does anyone is able to reproduce this behavior ?

I can't reproduce it so far.

Can you post a screenshot showing the item selected in the folder tree and the incorrect directory being shown in the file display?

Here it is.

The folder tree must be locked for this behaviour to happen.[/img]

Confirmed. If a folder is already selected in the locked folder tree then clicking on it does nothing, even if it isn't the folder shown in the lister.

I've filed a bug report to GPSoft for you.

Thanks...I thought i was crazy !