Folder tree colors

O.k., here is one I think I don't get: In Folder Tree -> Appearance, if I have "Use configured file display colors..." unchecked, and I try to change the color of selected text in Colors and Fonts -> Folder Tree, there is no effect (that I can see. However, regardless of whether "Use configured file display colors..." is checked or not, when I change the color of unselected text, my Folder Tree display changes accordingly. Is there something I am missing, or is this a (mild) bug?

That's due to Preferences / Display / Options / Use visual style to draw items (Vista/Win7 only, overrides selection colors).

In we'll have a link under the colors warning you that that setting is overriding them. (Couldn't go into due to requiring translation.)

The folder tree colors always apply to the folder tree.

The tree's "use configured file display colors" option specifies whether or not the other file & folder colors should also apply to the tree (e.g. so that system folders are red in the tree).

Ahah, Thanks!

Here's a follow-up on tree behavior: I have the option to automatically expand to current folder location checked, but nothing is happening. I thought this would mean that when I change to some folder in the source display, say, the folder tree will expand to that folder. That's not happening, even when I'm in a single-pane mode. Why is that?

Argghh, sorry, I just figured it out: For some reason my folder tree was locked...