Folder tree display all folders?

I recently installed DO and it sure looks powerful. One problem - I have been trying to find a way for the Folder Tree to display all my folders - read the manual, searched the forum, etc, - but I can't seem to make it work. I can't figure out any rhyme or reason as to what the Tree is displaying or what it isn't. What do I need to do - must be something simple that my brain is just blocking. Thanks for any help.

Not sure what you mean... are there specific folders that are not being displayed? I can't think of any option in Dopus that would affect or control this. The folder tree is apparently not something that Dopus itself 'renders' entirely. Are there any common attributes to the folders that are not being displayed?

First, I hope that I am being clear. It is the Folder Tree only that has missing folders. When I create a lister, all of the folders that should be a part of that view show up in that lister - but never in the Folder Tree.

It appears that all folders with attributes hs are missing from the Folder Tree. Also, many subfolders of a user's main folder, such as All Users, are also missing - and many of these are just normal folders with no special attributes. There may be others missing as well but have not gone through all of them.

You have chosen to hide system folders in the Tree. Go to Preferences and turn them on.

I never have enabled that option. I just checked again and it is still not enabled. And other folders than system folders are also not showing up.

I just tried uninstalling and reinstalling - same problem.

I'm guessing under Preferences, Listers, Folder Tree you should have:

Show file system folders only turned off (Note: It's easy to mis-read this as showing system folders (i.e. with the s-bit set) but that isn't what it does; when on it will hide virtual folders that are not really there. So if you want to see all folders, try turning it off.)

Show hidden folders turned on (That one's obvious.)

I just knew my brain was blocking - it was the Obvious option I kept overlooking! I was so focused on the system folders option, that I kept missing that I needed to check show hidden folders.

Well, not the first, nor the last time, that I have spent too much time dealing with such a simple thing.

Thanks all for the help - and now I can really see what this program is about but it sure feels like a winner.

It's not just your brain. In the early going with DO, it's often very difficult to find stuff -- partly because the application can do so much, partly because the layout under Preferences is sometimes really tough to navigate.

Take the issue you ran into -- which I had trouble with as well my first couple of days (which was last week, so it's fresh in my mind). Why, I wondered, wouldn't DO show me the folder in which my Outlook .pst files are buried? I knew exactly where it was and I was sure it was still there.

So I went to preferences and asked myself: where might that setting be? How about under folders? Hey, cool, there's an option for hiding hidden system files. So I play with it, but it doesn't seem to solve the problem, which is puzzling and frustrating.

It says right there that it overrides the "folder options" settings, though it doesn't provide a clue about where one might find those settings -- you'd kind of think folder options would be right where you are under 'Folders." I did anyway, and I looked really hard before finally giving up. (Having two closely-related settings well away from each other on different branches of the tree is a clue that the interface still needs work.)

O.K., let's look elsewhere. Maybe under display? Poke around for a while, but nothing there.

How about Miscellaneous? Anything could be there and it seems as if almost everything is. Let's see, how about Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous?

O.K., nothing there. Process of elmination takes me to listers. Hmmm.. maybe under options? Nope. How about file display? (I know, I really want folder display, but this is close.) At long last, it turns up under Folder Tree. Why in the world "Folder Tree"? For whom is that intuitive?

In PC Mag's recent very favorable review of DO, their one big complaint was the steep learning curve (and this from people who know their way around PC's fairly well). They had a point.

Interface design is a demanding art form, and it's very hard to make it easy for users to find their way around a very complicated landscape. But I'm hoping the DOpus developers are up to the challenge.

I've said it before on these forums... I had looked at Dopus when it was at version 6 and said "Wow... this program is powerful!" followed shortly by "Wow... this program is complicated and time consuming!". I walked away for about a year before being frustrated with the limitations and lackluster general look and feel of some alternatives... And when I came back to eval v8 and started perusing these forums, I STILL was not sold. But after posting some questions and seeing the often enthusiastic attempts by those willing to help I decided to give the app some time and attention. I have not looked back since... I won't get overly dramatic and say it's changed my world... but it's certainly changed my computing experience for the better.

My best advice about trying to use this program to it's fullest is --- don't! At least not right away... take it for what it offers out of the box and spend a little time getting to know it. Take a look at how some of the internal commands that define the built in toolbar buttons and menu items work. The built-in Help system has a pretty good list of internal commands and what they do, but doesn't always provide what you need to know about the nuances of their usage, which is another thing that increases the learning curve along with the sometimes dis-organized Preferences interface. But for info on these sorts of things... hey, just check here and ask for help.

But then again, I can't even seem to remember obvious options like 'Show hidden folders' when a guy says 'hey where are all the folders'... so maybe you don't want to pay any attention to my rambling. Be glad guys like Nudel are here :slight_smile:.

I agree that DO is so good that it's worth struggling with the interface challenges. After a week, and still in a semi-ignorant state of confusion, I've plunged for the 5-license package. The fraction of its power that I've been able to master so far makes it well worth it.

But your advice to "check here and ask for help" is right on. Somewhere in its jumble of capabilities, it can probably do whatever I want to do but can't figure out how. Someone on this forum probably knows just where to click.