Folder tree display

I have two small problem, before my Directory Opus works perfectly.

  1. I have a card reader install in my PC and all the slots are displayed in the folder tree - even though I haven't connected any card. This is not the case, when I use windows explorer. Is there a way, I can change this, so I don't need to have 5 removable empty slots in my folder tree?

  2. Is there a way, where I can get my libraries expaned when I open up my Directory Opus - like I have done with "My Computer"?

Best regards

Martin Jeske

Please ask one question per thread.

  1. Turn off Preferences / Folder Tree / Appearance: Empty disk drives. If it's off already, the drives may not be correctly reporting their empty/non-empty status or changes.

  2. You could turn on Preferences / Folder Tree / Options: Expand selected branch and set the default lister to open showing the Libraries folder (so that branch will be selected initially).