Folder Tree display

I was looking for some information and was having trouble finding the directory until I realised that the folder tree display does not display ALL the folders.

e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users has a directory "Application data" this is not displayed in the Folder tree display and can only be seen when the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users is highlighted in the folder tree.

This is why I was having troble finding what I was looking for :confused:

I have looked and cannot see a solution to this - have I missed something in preferences? See the image below.

Thanks in advance

Preferences / Listers / Folder Tree / Show hidden folders


Thanks that does part of the job - refering to the image above checking the box you metioned displays all but the DRM folder in the Folder Tree - any ideas on why that one is missing now I have the box checked.

DRM looks like it is a system folder (H+S attributes set).

Because the Tree is built using the same functions as Explorer, these folders are hidden by the system unless you turn off the "Hide protected operating system files" option in Explorer's Folder Options.