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Folder tree does not sync with folder/file pane

I have a real problem with TABS. They do not work properly.

I have all my tabs set to "locked allow folder changes".
If under any tab, (I'll call it TAB 1 to keep things simple), I select a folder in the folder/file pane, then as expected, the correct folder is highlighted in the tree view pane, i.e. the two panes are in synch.
So far so good. However, if I change to a different tab, (I'll call it Tab 2), I see the tree view pane refreshing, but it highlights the wrong folder; it highlights the default folder of TAB 1, when it should be highlighting the default folder for TAB2.

The above is happening on all my tabs, and makes life very confusing. It has sometimes led to me copying files to the wrong destination, because I was looking in the tree view pane.
It does this when the two tabs are pointing at the same drive; and it also does it when they are not.
Clearly something in the configuration is corrupt. Please advise?

Could you post a screenshot of that?

A screenshot is attached.

As you will see there are 5 tabs. The "Domestic" tab is highlighted, but in the treeview in the left-hand pane, the highlighted folder is the document library.
Note that just before I took the screenshot, I was using the "Documents" tab that is also shown in the screenshot. That tab defaults to my documents library.

When I then selected the "Domestic" tab, the tree view did not highlight the default folder for that tab. Instead it jumped to the default folder of the Documents tab. You can see this in the screenshot. The wrong folder is highlighted in the left-hand pane.

This issue is not peculiar to these two tabs; it happens with my other tabs too. It also happens with my other tab groups.

BTW I am running Dopus (4645) on 32-bit Windows 7 Ultimate.


Happens here if Tab1 is pointing to a subfolder, not a root folder, when Tab2 is selected.


Yup that's the affect that I'm getting.
My tabs generally have a small hierarchy of sub-folders beneath them and I don't tend to keep files in the root folders.
So I am usually in a sub-folder of "Tab1" when I switch to "Tab2".
I have been putting up with this for months, ever since I upgraded from Dopus 9.
I thought maybe something had messed up my configuration, but from the sound of it, it seems to be a bug?

FWIW: Folder Tree shows wrong folder selected

I didn't have a screenshot handy to actually "show" the problem when it happened to me... and though Leo asked for one here (and got one) I have to imagine that the most helpful thing to track this down (especially if you can reproduce it at will) would be to have a full set of steps that causes you to see the problem. In "my" case, I couldn't really do that... it's not a recurring problem to the point I can really keep track of what I've done in order to say, START here, do this and you see the problem...

I'd say to even include how you're opening a lister (i.e. default lister, specific layout, etc)... how you're opening the tabs (tabgroup load, or saved in layout, etc), specifics about the tab configs - I see here you're both using tab locking features, but I've seen this problem and don't have tabs "locked" at all - though I did indeed have the tabs "renamed" in the situations where I've seen it. It's happened to me a few more times since posting my topic. But again, not reproducible at will :frowning:...

Thanks for the report, this will be fixed in the next update.

It's always better to report bugs rather than put up with them for months :slight_smile:

I did mention in my original post that I have all my tabs set to "locked allow folder changes".

None of my tabs have been renamed.

The tab group in my screen shot is named "John's Group". But the problem happens with any tab group I select, and it also happens with the tab group in my default layout.

I only use my default layout. I don't use any other layouts.

I get the problem regardless of which tabs I work with. In the case of "John's Group", two of the tabs have default folders set to paths on a mapped network drive, another tab defaults to a local directory, and another tab defaults to my Documents library on the local disk.

In conclusion, I think Lou is right. The problem happens when I have a sub-directory selected on the current tab, and I then select any one of my other tabs. This is something I do all the time, so is a constant cause of frustration. So I hope the Dopus development team look into it and provide a fix in the next build.

Please try with (link in my signature, below).

It's happening for me in Most tabs work perfectly. Some tabs (like e:\install and E:\Program Files (x86) refresh the tree but don't focus the folder in the tree. The new highlight option does work. I have position selected item in the middle of the tree checked and the folder trees (horizontal layout) are unlocked. The "Make the folder tree visible button in the tree" always works. I've tried deleting and re-adding the tabs in the folder group with no effect. I have other tabs that reference both local paths and UNCs that always work perfectly. I can't find any difference between the tabs that refresh properly and the minority that don't.

BTW, the new features are fantastic, especially linked tabs, folder tree highlights and tabs in both file display.

Does it only happen with locked tabs? Looks like all yours are from both screenshots.

All of mine (both those that work and that don't) are set to reuse unlocked tabs.

If you unlock all the tabs, does the problem still happen?

In answer to Leo''s question, my tabs are normally all set to "locked allow folder changes".
To see if the problem happens when the tabs are all unlocked, I unlocked all my tabs in turn by right clicking on each one and using the shortcut menu. I did not then get the problem I reported. So it does seem to be a bug with locked tabs.

I am currently using release I will now try the Beta release as requested and will post the result shortly.

I have loaded up Beta and I am happy to report that the problem has been resolved. I tested it pretty hard and the folder tree highlighted the correct folder whatever I selected on any tab. Well done Leo!

Is it ok to continue using the beta release, or should I revert to until the next official release?

Regards, John

Sticking with the beta is fine. No major problems with it have been found.

OK Thanks.
This can be closed now from my perspective.

I think this is the problem I'm having in only in version 12.17.

By default, my lister opens with several tabs loaded across the bottom. Today I realized that the tree listing hadn't even opened to the folder I had navigated to. I was able to get a screen capture. As soon as the screen capture had completed the tree had expanded but it still showed my first folder as the highlighted active folder. The folder list had not updated the initial folder. In fact, I thought my screen capture was going to show the later because that was what I saw by the time my capture was complete.

Initially, they are in sync. My tab is set to DuckCapture and that's where the tree is pointing with the unexpanded folder list. But when I used the breadcrumbs to change my folder the tree didn't even move.

There seems to be some slow down accessing network data. Which was similar to the last problem I reported where I was getting hangs lasting several minutes where DO becomes completely unresponsive. When I split the window to get the screen capture DO went into unconsciousness again. I am getting a DMP if you want it. I'm still waiting for the DMP to complete so I can get into DO to get my capture. I hate that it locks me out while it captures whatever. You'd think they'd spawn that process.

Now that the DMP is complete the folders have sync'd on both sides of the tree.


If it takes a really long time to list a folder, the tree will give up trying to sync to that folder (but it'll be cached once it does finally load, and work from that point on).

It shouldn't normally take that long to load a folder, though. If you're getting hangs, or local/LAN folders taking that long to load, something else is wrong and the tree issue is just a symptom of that.

That's why I mentioned the other problem that I logged regarding response time.

I don't know if anyone has been able to resolve this but I've not heard anything back after uploading several dmps but I'm guessing it's related.