Folder tree 'expand/collapse this folder' option

Hi would it be possible to create a r-click option for the following:

-collapse all in tree
-expand all in tree (after having first [go fromsel rootree])

and right clicking to expand or collapse fully that folder in the tree ??

I don't think there is a way to do that via the context menu.

FWIW, you can use * + - on the numeric keypad to do some related things.

Numpad * will recursively expand everything below the selected item.

Numpad + expands the selected item; pushing it again expands the first level of child items (but not the children of those items).

Numpad - collapses the selected item (same as left-arrow, except it won't go to the parent folder if you push it twice).

I don't notice the use of * in the help file. That certainly helps!

As a suggestion, maybe it would be useful to have such key commands ( +, -, *, ctrl-tab etc but with their function-assignment locked) in the customise/keys section, to help a dopus beginner like me get to grips with the program.

They aren't hotkeys which you can change or which apply anywhere except when the tree has focus, so they don't really fit into Customize/Keys. They don't run Opus commands, either.

BTW, those keys are standard in all tree controls. They work in Explorer, RegEdit, etc. and aren't specific to Opus.

(With one exception: Pushing + twice to expand the first level of children is specific to Opus and doesn't do anything in other programs.)

Ctrl-Tab is also a standard Windows shortcut for cycling between multiple documents/tabs/panels.

I recently have some thoughts on this problem, is it possible to write a script that could expand the tree increamentally (one level more a time when run the script) ?